Sunday, December 2, 2007

Ohio State vs...

LSU, a 2-loss team who won an emotional, gritty SEC championship with Flynn out?

Virginia Tech, who is hot recently?

Oklahoma, who manhandled Mizzou tonight?

Georgia, who streaked late in the season?

USC, who won the PAC-10 today against UCLA?

Kansas, who only has one loss?

I think...the nod has to go to either LSU or Oklahoma.

Hang on a sec, folks - here's my rationale:

  • While I admit to being an ACC gal, the SEC was stronger than the PAC-10, the Big 12 or the ACC this year.
  • LSU and Oklahoma won their conferences. KU and UGA did not.
  • LSU utterly destroyed Virginia Tech in their meeting on September 8th. So if the voters are considering the head-to-head in their poll votes tonight, LSU has the decided edge.
  • Oklahoma beat the number 1 team in the nation tonight (whether or not that ranking was deserved, OU was also the favorite according to take that as you will).

So as my better half puts it, we'll know in the morning, right? If we see LSU ranked second in the polls, we'll have a pretty good idea what the BCS will do.

For now, we can all shake our heads at WVU and wonder about what could have been had the Mountaineers overcome White's injury tonight in the Backyard Brawl. And then there's the matter of Hawaii's struggle with UW tonight...thoughts?

P.S. How genius was it for Les Miles to announce that he was staying at LSU BEFORE the SEC championship? Not only did he fire up his players, but he managed to fashion himself a bit of an SEC folk hero for turning down his dream job. I'd speculate that the departure of his defensive coordinator to Nebraska and LSU's reportedly swank offer to him impacted that fiery little call-out of ESPN this morning...or maybe I'm just cynical?

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