Friday, December 7, 2007

Payton to Michigan??

Detroit media outlets are reporting that the University of Michigan is courting Saints coach Sean Payton. (Don't worry, I'm pretty sure they're just grasping at straws now.)

Here's what I don't get - if you KNOW you're going to force out your coach (Lloyd Carr), why on earth wouldn't you have an airtight succession plan (sorry 'bout Les Miles)?

The same question applies to Arkansas - your coach led you to the SEC championship game last season, and beat LSU this season. Yet you still forced him out, and when your initial plan to hire Jimbo Fisher failed, you floundered.

If you're so confident in your decision to pursue another coach, you'd better be prepared to make them an attractive offer, and one that involves stability.

The coaching carousel has reached an untenable position, and coaches are wary of jumping ship without a safety net of some kind, whether it's to go to a school with an unreasonable A.D. (::cough::ARKANSAS::cough::) or to a school with unrealistic expectations (Bama, anyone?).

As a good friend of mine puts it:

I'm laughing because apparently they were ready to fire Houston Nutt for months, but they don't seem to have a strategy in place to hire the new guy. Most schools in their situation have their main guy, and a back up plan.

Tommy Bowden was about option 5, and he backed out. Seems like a major cluster up there, and they don't seem prepared at all. Also, even if Nutt had as many issues and had pissed off as many people up there as they claim, it's just bad business to fire a guy who coached you to the SEC championship game LAST YEAR, and just beat LSU in Baton Rouge who was #1 and now playing for the title.

Also, apparently how he was let go was really nasty, and that gets around the grapevine with other coaches.............Finally, from what I have heard from a couple of folks in Tallahassee, Arkansas was really intersted in Jimbo Fisher, but Fisher wasn't nearly as interested, given some of the factors listed above. It's also likely why Tommy Bowden got cold feet.

Apparently Arky isn't a great working enviroment, and Broyles isn't a fun guy to work for..................

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Brooke said...

Arkansas was never a fun school to visit. Going there with any other football gear instantly gets things thrown at your car. I never went back, and never rooted for them again. Unless they were playing Tennessee.