Thursday, December 13, 2007

Project NFL

Seriously, I think I might be on to something here.

Take Heidi Klum's, "Auf wiedersehen, you're out," mix it with a little bit of Tyra's "You've got to be FIERCE, girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl" pop-psych peptalk, some fakey-fake The Hills and add some Roger Goodell gravitas. Instant hit. Besides, ESPN is always looking for cheesy new content, right?

Imagine the possibilities - the series pilot could revolve around all the drama with the Falcons. Arthur Blank could play the snotty Michael Kors role, and put quarterbacks and coaching candidates through their paces, throwing out snarky asides at every available moment.

In another episode, Sean Payton could practice reverses and carries/receptions with backs and receivers...but with super glue and velcro (y'know, just to make sure they hold on to the ball). Kickers could try out by kicking field goals from 80 yards out, and could practice "working it" on the turf at the 'Dome. I'm pretty sure Tyra is scary enough to teach special teams play...or else. Be fierce, Gramatica! OWN IT!. (And Mare? You're no longer in the running to be America's Next Top Kicker.)

San Diego could kvetch and moan about how Rivers should be cut, and ooooh, did you see how L.T. dissed him in Sunday's game? Oh, no, he jus' didn't! (I'm totally seeing it edited MTV-style, complete with an angsty post-pubescent girly soundtrack. All that's missing is a Spencer Pratt-like villain. Perhaps Petrino could sub in?)

Screw Inside the NFL. And screw angsty Michael Vick coverage during Monday Night Football. I'm tired of all of the human interest stories (excluding Sean Taylor and Kevin Everett, of course) invading the excitement of 4 quarters of football. Let's bring back football, folks, and move the prison sentence drama to where it belongs - carefully scripted reality television!

So...let's take all of the drama and gossiping, and move it to it's own show. Stuart Scott could host it, and Ditka, Shula and one of the 8 million Mannings could offer color commentary. Perhaps Olivia is free?

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