Thursday, December 13, 2007

And the Disney invasion continues.

That's right - Hannah Montana (nee Miley Cyrus, daughter of Infamous Camaro Mullet model Billy Ray Cyrus) will be performing in New Orleans, hideous blonde wig and all.

(Is it me, or does Billy Ray spend more time flat-ironing his coiffure than the average woman would?)

All snark aside, she seems to be a very grounded young lady, and a great role model...more so than, say, good ol' Brit-Brit.

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Anonymous said...

i live in new orleans too! i think it wud be better if us shopped at magizene st. i am only 10 but i think u shud. and if u have any young kidz u shud bring the to the magic box on magizene. and try the snowballs of plum st! YUM!