Monday, January 28, 2008

A Saints home game in...London?

Some, including D., say "Bollocks!"

While giving up a home game of course bothers me, and yes, curtails tourist spending for a weekend, I think in the long term this could prove lucrative to the franchise and to the city - I think it's a tremendous branding opportunity. There's even a built-in fanbase there to root for the Black and Gold:

In September, I contemplated the notion that while the New Orleans market is loyal as hell to our Saints, we lack the corporate subsidies to help the franchise thrive in the longterm.

Maybe this could spur some assistance?

We'll just see, I guess.



NOLA Cleophatra said...

I think it's a load of shite.

The 'Vous is our home away from home and homebase for parades. We'll see you there! (But not this Friday as we have to go to BR.) Maybe we can convince Steve to tune one of the TVs to the FSU games next fall and get a couples of us 'Noles fans to watch the game together! When I joined the Alumni Assoc. there was a group who met in Harahan, but that was years ago (pre-K). And who wants to drive waaaaay out there?

bedbugsandballyhoo said...

American football is really starting to take off in the UK. I say get over there, establish a new fan base, and sell all them all the Saints paraphernalia. Brits love NOLA. It's one place in the US where you can start hitting the bars, (like the pubs in the UK) at 10:00AM (or even earlier) and no one bats an eye.