Monday, February 4, 2008

Viva Bacchus!

So here it is, Lundi Gras, and we're sitting in our living room watching fratty types from LSU drunkenly stagger down the street towards the Avenue. We live a scant three blocks off St. Charles, so we've watched the hordes of drunken revelers fight with meter maids over hideous parking jobs, and we've watched the city clean up after each parade with mysteriously (and almost mythically) quick precision.

Bacchus was incredibly fun last night - we cooked out yesterday before the parade, and I left our house just before halftime of the Super Bowl (it was THAT boring until the end of the 4th) to go meet up with D. at Fat Harry's, where he and his coworkers were filming/photographing the floats and parade-goers. If you checked the streaming coverage on, you would have heard D.'s colleague, Meredith, and me drolly commenting on the floats and on the genius of 80's movies.

At one point, I had to explain to her why Jake Ryan is easily one of the best romantic heroes of the 80's. He might actually out-Dobler the eponymous Lloyd Dobler.

And that's sayin' something.

We stood on the platform and yelled at the marching bands and riders until the usual firetruck lumbered by, signaling the end of the festivities for the evening - the parade ended at 8:30, giving us plenty of time to slip on the beads covering St. Charles, weave through the throngs of drunken types spontaneously performing the Cupid Shuffle, and made it home just in time to watch the last 2 minutes of the Super Bowl - fortunately, they were the most important 2 minutes of the entire game, as Eli Manning completed a gorgeous strike to Plaxico Burress for the game-winning touchdown.

As the clock wound down, you could hear the cheers all the way down to St. Charles - an underdog city like NOLA is going to have to root for an underdog team like the Giants. And given that Eli is a New Orleans native, it's just an easy call to root for a Manning. (We still revere Archie here, you know.)

Like Spoon says, "You got no fear of the underdog - that's why you will not survive."

So in honor of the new Super Bowl champions...

See y'all at Zulu tomorrow!

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