Saturday, March 22, 2008

So the right side of my bracket... totally blown.

Argh. I reaaaally though St. Joe's, Temple and Drake had what it took.


Just to recap my week:

-Monday: movie extra
-Tuesday: movie extra
-Wednesday-Friday: caring for sickly boyfriend/dinner party for belated St. Patrick's Day cooking (I naturally made corned beef with veggies and soda bread)/Good Friday fish fry (D. had never actually heard of this, but I told him it's largely a Southern Baptist thing that I get from Mom's side of the we fried up some shrimp, tilapia and crawfish tails)

This afternoon D. and I are going downtown to watch K-State-Wisconsin before heading over to the Hornets-Celtics game. This is a must-win for Chris Paul and company, as the Celtics have earned the reputation of decimating teams from the West. If the Hornets who beat the Spurs/Rockets/Lakers/Mavericks show up tonight, it'll be an intense game, and one well worth watching.

Tomorrow is of course Easter, so we'll hit up mass at OLGC before coming home to once again attempt to fix D.'s car. Sigh.

Thank goodness for March Madness and good home-cooked food. ;)

(That's all I'm sayin'.)


oyster said...

It's certainly a big, big game, but I can't call it a "must win". I'm shocked to see that we're favored, despite the Celts being at the end of a long (but successful) road trip.

Hope the Hornets keep working their magic. Y'all have fun!

NOLA Cleophatra said...

When we were up in Milwaukee, the Friday night fish fry was the big thing. Of course no catfish. I think it was cod and a choice of another fish. We were glad they had Tabasco!