Friday, August 8, 2008

Kicking off Friday on a happy note!

...or at least as happy a note as possible when suffering a caffeine deficiency.

Sorry for the absence of late. Between travel, family issues, and D.'s birthday/our anniversary, it's been hectic.

I briefly came out of hibernation last night for a cookbook meeting at the OLGC rectory and then hauled it home to catch the first quarter of the Saints-Cardinal preseason game. And as previously mentioned, I'm lamenting the weird facial hair sported by Drew Brees.

There's only one man I think looks hot with facial hair, and that's D.

(Not that I'm biased, of course.)

I'll recap the past couple of weeks later on today, but here's The Verve's new single, "Love is Noise."

Warning - it WILL grow on you insidiously. I wonder how long the band can stay together this time - isn't this their third or fourth attempt at banddom?

1 comment:

sar said...

that's uncanny! i thought the song was nice when it started, and now it's the end and I HAVE TO HAVE IT AGAIN!