Friday, September 19, 2008

Joey Frickin' Heisman?

Something tells me that something happened to Brees or Brunell in practice this week.

That's the only reason the Saints would have signed Joey Harrington.

This guy has the amazing nine lives-style of Brian Griese. Despite his innate mediocrity, he always manages to land on a roster somewhere.

Also of note is that the Saints are very reluctant to release news on injuries - no one knew the real story about Colston until practically after the man had already had surgery.

So who got hurt? Brees or Brunell?

More importantly, as my good friend and fellow Saints fan CD asks, can Joey Harrington play DB?


Sarah said...

Leave Griese out of this ;) haha

natalie said...

Oh Xenu, I had to comment on this. Sure, I thought Joey was a cutie patootie when he played for the Lions, but I have a HUGE problem when a QB gets sacked and then jumps up and gives the LB who laid him out a congratulatory butt pat after wards. This is football, you pansy! Not hopscotch!

If Brees is injured I may crawl into bed and never come out because all of my FF teams are screwed then. Keep me posted!

natalie said...

Oh yeah, and leave the former Wolverine out of this too. ;)