Wednesday, February 6, 2008

And so it begins...

With the debauchery of Fat Tuesday behind us, now is the time for Catholics to reflect on Christ's example, and to reflect on living a better, more Christlike life.

Yes, I know. I'm absolutely proselytizing. It's just that Lent is very pensive time for me.

So what did I give up for Lent, you might ask? Those who know me well will snicker with sheer mirth:

Relax, I don't generally patronize Starbucks - I'm a CC's kind of gal. But I did give up coffee for Lent - that's going to be a tough one for me.

The irony is that right as I left my house tonight for mass, a UPS driver hefted a box of Gevalia at me.


This is going to be a long 40 days.


Doc said...

You should stay away from that nasty mess anyway... ;-)

TroublemakerSupreme said...

ummmm no coffee... blasphemy!

bedbugsandballyhoo said...

Well... good luck with that.