Saturday, March 15, 2008

Random Parade Notes

  • Ladies, do not roll up to a St. Patrick's Day parade wearing a bright orange dress without any green attached to it. That's just ignorant and very insulting to most Irish Catholics. I realize that sounds preachy, but c'mon, the last time a riot occurred in Belfast, the Order of Orange had a little somethin' to do with that, mmmkay? (I'm not sure why this is such a sensitive topic for me - it may have to do with the fact that sizeable chunk of my family is from Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.)
  • I hereby vow that once my breasts hang below my waistline, and cottage cheese-esque cellulite dots my thighs, I will NOT wear ill-fitting halter tops paired with uber-high-waisted short-shorts and stilettos. I WILL dress like I'm my age, rather than like a 45 year-old Cher wannabe. (You should have seen these two women. Not pretty.)
  • Those Irish social groups are full of some randy men. Seriously. RANDY.
  • We saw someone get beaned with a potato. It. Was. Awesome. (He was fine.)
  • Our grocery list for Monday's St. Paddy's Day dinner (which unfortunately meshes with the final, very somber week of Lent) is greatly reduced due to our new cabbage collection. Anyone got any good cabbage recipes?


Anonymous said...

A horrible trend on our parade was chunky legs, short shorts and knee/thigh high socks.

I was frightened.

Anonymous said...

I have a good cabbage rolls recipe if that interests you.

Cait said...

I would love the cabbage rolls recipe! Thanks!